Who am I and what is newvizion? 

Over the past few years Newvizion's client base has grown to include large international organisations primarily in the Graphic Communication Industries.

With many years experience as a CEO in large business to business organisations with sales in excess of £250 million, I and a small team now work closely with clients to develop strategies fit for a fast changing business landscape.

Newvizion has emerged as a leading consultancy for developing and implementing environmental and sustainable business strategies but also retains expertise in the wider world of 
Business Turnaround, the process of Strategic Change in business, maximising Operational Efficiency, ensuring Sustainability throughout the organisation, developing and encouraging Communication Systems and Leadership.

How can we help you?

Newvizion delivers real hands on assistance and is prepared to work closely with people throughout an organisation.

It's surprising how effective a fresh pair of eyes can be in discovering an organisation's weaknesses. The skill is then to work with the business to put all the necessary changes in place. Newvizion will deliver in a straightforward way. Avoiding consultant-speak and getting right to the heart of a problem.

We will investigate, report and implement; not handing over to others once the assignment is given. If there is a need to bring in other specialists, We will discuss and explain.

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e: enquiries@newvizion.co.uk 
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